Main Kitchen is located at the central part of hotel where overall sequence of food receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, serving and clearing areas are properly designed and managed technically, it is known as central kitchen having many sections.

Hence,it may occupy a large space.This Kitchen provides wide range of food varieties e.g. Authentic South Indian, North Indian, Tandoori, Chinese and Continental etc. through its respective section with the help of skilled culinary crafts persons called Chef-DE-Parties and commie cooks.

The characteristics of Winsar kitchen are as follows:

  • Highly equipped with world class equipments.

  • -Fully skilled employees.

  • -Pre-cooked food at reasonable price range.

  • -Established to cater to the fashionable customers.

  • -Products offered can be quickly cooked and served .

  • -Mostly pre -plated service.

  • -Adequate miser-en place.

  • -Large turnout of customers.

  • -Precise portion control.

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